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This Is Best Strategy for Big Films!

Published: Sat 10th Sep 2016 10:41 PM

Hiked Shares Work out a Big Time for Films?

Fake Shares Rocking for Films
Fake Shares Rocking for Films

Till some days ago, it was thought that Fake Shares bring bad reputation to the filmmakers and artists of big films. However, the tradition seems to have changed now. Of late, big films are getting benefited in different ways with Fake Shares. 

For an instance, if Rs.10 crores of hiked shares for the first weekend’s run of the movie are revealed by the production team, the hiked number is carried forward to subsequent days irrespective of the announcement of the genuine shares of the films later. 

In this scenario, if a movie with Fake Shares gets a hit talk, a boasted number can be seen at the end of the film’s run. If at all the movie gets flopped, the film is shown with respectable full run collections. Perhaps, all the big filmmakers may show Rs.15 crores to Rs.20 crores hiked numbers for their films in their first weekend’s run.


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