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Ism Teaser: Chaotically Puri Mark

Published: Mon 05th Sep 2016 05:31 PM

Puri Jagannath, Kalyan Ram Ism Teaser Review

Ism Teaser Review
Ism Teaser Review

Junior NTR is on a Box Office rampage with latest release ‘Janatha Garage’ on a record hunt; here comes Kalyan Ram walking in the footsteps of his younger brother. ‘Ism,’ the new product from Puri Jagannath and NKR currently in last stages of production and post production got their new teaser rolled out a few minutes back.

By picking Spanish, Hindi lyrics for Anup Rubens background music, ‘Ism’ teaser presented Kalyan Ram’s macho six packs body with utmost style and finesse having Puri Jagannath mark felt everywhere. Though teaser hasn’t got any minute chance of letting central plot to be leaked out yet this is the best look Kalyan Ram got in his entire career so far for sure. Nevertheless, Jagapathi Babu as NKR’s Beedi Friend added extra styling value. Heroine Aditi Arya’s excessive usage of guns is purely a Puri blot. ‘I Duck you, I duck him and I duck everyone,’ then NKR spires the heroism in a new format. Rather the top notch production standards from NTR Arts are also clearly visible.

If ‘Ism’ teaser is just meant to hike the expectations among masses, it has done so. However, the teaser had a chaotic appeal with odd, racy and unusual editing stirring the viewer’s eye and brain vision…. a blatant attack on our senses.



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