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What Is the Caste of PV Sindhu?

Published: Sat 20th Aug 2016 09:48 PM

PV Sindhu’s Caste Highly Searched in Google

PV Sindhu's caste Searched in Google
PV Sindhu’s caste Searched in Google

What is the caste of Pv Sindhu? Most of the netigens have dug deeper to know the answer for this question. Sadly, they searched neither the records set by Sindhu nor the honours received by her previously. Instead people from AP, Telangana and Haryana are very much interested to know the caste of Pv Sindhu.

As we know, ‘caste’ factors play pivotal role in politics and a few other fields of Telugu states. This could be one of the reasons why people searched for Pv Sindhu’s caste in google. Wrestler Sakshi Malik was also given no exception. Her caste was searched in the states like Haryana, Rajasthan etc. 

Sindhu and sakshi, in fact, got the wonderful achievements owing to their hard work, grit and dedication. Caste and all other factors will surely have no place in their achievements. When will the caste biased people learn these facts?


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