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Chiru Dance Makes Difference in 60s

Published: Thu 16th Jun 2016 09:22 PM

How Is Chiranjeevi’s Dance Different from Other Heroes of 60s?

Chiranjeevi's Dance Specialty in 60s
Chiranjeevi’s Dance Specialty in 60s

Megastar Chiranjeevi’s live performance on the stage of CineMAA awards enthralled everyone and all and they were amazed with Chiranjeevi’s feat at his 60s. According to them, Chiranjeevi has made a difference among a few more heroes, who also danced at their 60s across India. 

Observers viewed that most of the heroes in their 60s, have just shook their bodies instead of dancing. And such kind of shaking movements can also be seen in men in 80s in parks and gyms as part of their regular workouts prescribed by the doctors. 

Chiranjeevi’s typical dancing movements were aesthetic and symbolic coupled with grace and style. He moved his waist and other parts of body in such a way as if he were in 40s. And such was the difference of Chiranjeevi and other heroes dancing steps in 60s observed by the analysts.


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